You are an individualist and want to show it?

Try it with the Shelby., The node for individualists

Or wear a bow tie. The least you can stain hardly. Drikker it is even mandatory.

The plastron you wear only wedding in Denver communities or for hunting. It is certainly more convenient to wear a plastron in compounded form. And nice sometimes. 
Nevertheless, you learn here how to bind the plastron.

Shelby Knot


Shelby Knot

The approximately 30 centimeters long wide end around the narrow end crosses behind.

Then slide from the front through the loop, so that the wide end is as indicated on your right chest.

Fronts the narrow end cross (this is the last loop).

Now push from behind through the loop and then tighten through the loop.

Queen of Ties



The fly you wear to Kent-, Kläppchen-and Shark collar and button-down

The right end of the loop should continue down four centimeters rich than the left.The right forward cross over the left and push from behind through the loop.

Halve now the front part of the original left end and shape with your index finger and thumb of the left hand this into a loop.

The end, which you have previously pushed through the loop, you now can fall forward.The forefinger of the right hand is on the lower half of said depending member.

This is pushed behind the front loop upwards. This results in a further loop which is inserted through the nodes behind the front loop.

Then simply align the ends and tighten the knot.

They simply have an aversion to neckties? Then you wear but ties scarves or neckerchiefs

The Ties Scarf gives an otherwise formal outfit a casual touch. Or he gives the weekend look a hint of elegance. To show that you retain some form also decommissioned. Still having scarf also the reputation that carries him more of Playboy.

With scarves stay elegant by simplicity, are the chic dandy or cool as John Wayne. For sore throat, we show the right wrapping technique with which you maintain the style.

All binding instructions for cravats and scarves can be found on the following pages.

Wrap Trend


step one

Slick like a Playboy
upper tip folds down to the bottom third, Laying lower tip to the edge

Place the fabric from behind around the neck

Knot ends once and superimpose

The peaks disappear in shirt Neck

Stylish despite pain


Step 1

Laying edge to each other.Then fold lengthwise again

Place the fabric from the front around the neck

Plug one end gently into the other

The lower cloth edge disappears into the neck

John Wayne Greetings


Step 1

The tips put together. Then fold upper edge again

Triangle forward. Ends diagonally forward

Simply tie the ends under the triangle

The triangle hangs over shirt or sweater

Male with small knots


Step 1

The tips put together.

Then fold upper edge again

Place the fabric from behind around the neck

The ends can hang down the front. Double knot. The ends remain on the upper part.

Elegance through simplicity


Step 1

Laying edge to each other.Fold once lengthwise

To put the neck, front crossing over

Shirt, jacket pull or V-Pulli about

Summer Mood


The Krawattenschal - a good alternative

You have two different ways to tie your tie scarf.

By inserting the tie scarf loosely around your neck and tie it like a traditional woolen scarf. Or tie him almost like a Four-in-hand. Just let the step way to insert the end through the last loop, so it depends entirely on the loose knot.

What to consider when shirt collar, pocket squares and tie pins and which colors and patterns blend well

The following rules apply when ties Collar combination Note:

The larger the opening of the collar, the greater must be the node.
The node should not be seen all the way to its outer tips. It must fill in the leg of the collar, so that the outer hubs are covered by the collar.
Avoid that at the end of the collar points of the shirt to be raised by the node. Even if you turn your head, the tips must remain lying on the shirt.

There are three variables in order to comply with the rules can: The size of the collar, the thickness of the tie and the knot. Is next buying a shirt into the house, pay attention to a large collar, if you have to hang it rather thick ties in your closet. The fly and the Krawattenschal They may contribute to each collar except for the Tab.
Proper node
Links: The collar leg must be filled out. Middle: Even without a button-down collar tips must lie. Right: In the loop? Your decision

Ties needle

The tie clip should be worn while hidden under your jacket. But the tie pin has more than just functional value. With a bead on it, you can always wear this Zierdestück. Bring it well visible above your neckline on. Avoid at tiepins restless tie pattern.
For the Hand tied ascot tie needle is indispensable. Otherwise, you expose it as a hardcover, made-up copy.

For Kombis pattern of shirt and tie opposites are always welcome. Do not wear similar colors. Same color values ​​with different patterns are welcome contrast. Combine with dark spots and dark with paisley or small and large patterns. Contrasts are asked.

Pochettes are the handkerchiefs for the breast pocket. They fit all shirts and ties and let even a nuance appear formal. Do not wear it together with a scarf tie, a fly or scarves. But always with a tie. But that should not be of the same material as your Pochette. On the following pages you will find folding instructions.

The matching collar to the correct node

This rather sportive collar (also Under-Botton Down or Soft Roll Collar) looks with and without binder from preppy. The collar should be very large. This, however, one sees from something “dressed”. Especially without a tie tends the “Over” Button-Down to to buckle during the day outside. That’s why you keep an eye on him. The perfect knot is the Four-in-hand. You can combine the collar with the bow tie.

Turndown collar
The turn-down collar is the generic term for an ordinary collar. His variations ranging from the most formal collar turndown to classic cutaway.

Kent collar
This strain (also Cutaway Collar) looks very elegant and certainly presentable even without a tie. However, if you pick up the tie, then you should have a thick single or a double Windsor wear. Albert node for the tie and a fly are allowed here.

Cutaway Collar
This collar (you know, even under Spread Collar or spreading collar) is still more open than the spread collar. Apply the same rules.

The Eaton is a collar with rounded tips. Therefore, apply it according to the rules as the turndown or Cutaway.

Turndown Collar
The inconspicuous Turndown Collar provides the greatest variations in the length. For a long collar tie your tie with Albert, Four-in-hand on a short to. A Windsor acts penetrated here.
They also contribute to not oversized collar. It should be no more than two and a half times longer than the node. The tips of the collar may not come to light, but disappear under the jacket. The turndown complemented beautifully with all face shapes other than a very long, narrow face.

A substance latch with pushbutton ensures a perfect fit of tie and collar. This also makes it impossible to wear the collar without a tie. The button must be absolutely hidden by the tie knot.
It is ideal for traditional events such as weddings or funerals. Bind to this collar Four-in-hand. A fly does not fit the Tab.

The pin is very similar to the Tab. Instead of a fabric bolt here holding a needle along the collar leg. Without tie you should not wear this collar because the needle is definitely covered by the node. Therefore you may also wear the pin collar with tie. With a total bigger collar, wear the Albert-node, otherwise the Four-in-hand.
Although he is considered as stylish in the USA. In this country, however, you can not wear a suit to the stand-up collar (eng. Banded Collar). A shirt with this collar is a pure leisure shirt. It is also a symbol of the ties haters.
Kläppchen COLLAR
The elegant collar tuxedo and tailcoat to. To do so, wear only a bow tie, ties are prohibited.

Make the swung so you have a while your enjoyment of the new knot

The tie must not only look beautiful and feel good, it should keep for a while. Therefore, you must check the quality of workmanship. For this purpose, grasp the connector at the thin end and leave runterbaumeln him long. If he does not hangs down straight, he is good for nothing. The silk must in fact be precisely tailored in the 45-degree angle, if not, is the tie never flat on your shirtfront.

Given keys to the tie carefully from the edge. If you feel that the contribution the outer shell fills (made of silk, cashmere or wool) to the edge, the binder is okay. If not, stay away, because then the material at the edge gets quickly dents. The deposit may also not be too wide cut, otherwise the tie bulges outwards or inwards.

Tip: Tie the tie before buying order. It always arises out whether you really can use the new binder.